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I am a bowler, from a family of bowlers. When I lived in Ohio, we had a tournament tradition of exchanging charms for our shoes. After a while, I really had a lot of dangle charms on my shoes!

Even though I don't live in Ohio anymore, I am keeping up the tradition here in Southern Georgia.

It has also come to my attention that kids & teenagers like to put these dangle charms on their sneakers, they make great zippers pulls, cell phone charms, bag tags and more. Get creative! Have Fun! ... and Bowl Well!

If you're looking for a specific charm and we don't have it, email us, we can probably get them in!

Monthly Specials For December

Pokeball Charm
$2.99 $1.79Save: 40% off
Bowling Pin Charm
$2.99 $1.79Save: 40% off
Flower Lobster Clasp
$1.99 $1.19Save: 40% off
Adjustable Wrench Charm
$2.99 $1.79Save: 40% off
Link Charm Style 1
$3.29 $1.97Save: 40% off
Dove w/ Heart Charm
$3.29 $1.97Save: 40% off


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